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Sub Zero Repair Princeton

Sub Zero Repair Princeton 

Subzero Princeton

Subzero repair Princeton

sub-zero repair  Princeton we repair sub zero refrigerator in Princeton we have over 6000 customer in nj

most of the prublem   with sub zero are


  • Error code: EC 40 and Service Flashing on control panel
  • Error code: EC 50 and Service Flashing on display
  • How to reset EC40 or EC50 flashing
  • Panel is flashing, toggling between numbers and EC with a service light

ddress any Error Codes (EC) messages first.

clean a Sub-Zero condenser:

  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Open or remove the louvered grille, panelized grille, or grille kickplate.
  3. If you have model  600  or 500  seriuis remove the 3 screws opened a refrigerator and the freezer doro side-by-side look up on the frame for Phillips screws after this you have Spring that told the grill you can tilted forward sub zero repair Princeton  can do it for you
  4. Using a soft bristle brush attachment on a vacuum, remove dust and lint from the condenser area.
    • A paint brush, air compressor on a low setting, or a can of compressed air are also acceptable ways to clean the condenser.
    • Condenser cleaning chemicals and degreaser are available from several suppliers and online.
      • Although some service technicians may use these products, they are not necessary to clean a Sub-Zero condenser and are not recommended by  Sub-Zero.
    • NOTE: A limited number of units had a protective screen in front of the condenser.
      • The screen cannot be removed as it is part of the sealed system.
      • The screen should be vacuumed the same as the condenser would be.
      • If there is a build-up of dust or debris behind the screen that the vacuum does not reach, use  blowout vacuum  on a low setting or a can of compressed air to blow the condenser clean.
  5. Make sure you Turn unit on and monitor temperatures.
  6. It may take up to 24 hours for temperatures to return to normal after condenser cleaning.
  7. we also have link to video  tutorial how to Service sub zero
  8. if  you have the old model look at this video  this one is for the sub zero 600 and 500 model  it can be difrent  for older model like the 211 model   klick on the link below
  9. Older  model  Sub Zero Repair Princeton 
  10. if all this step  not help call us 732 9611 6544  Sub Zero Repair Princeton
  11. Sub Zero Repair Princeton