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Sub Zero Repair Deal NJ

Sub Zero Repair  Deal NJ

Sub Zero Repair Deal NJ

Sub Zero Repair Deal NJ


Sub Zero Repair  Deal NJ  we are the best EPA Service company in Deal  and the surrounding area  .

 many customer asked us  what the different between regular appliance company and our company.

 we are subzero specialist  we only specialize in subzero appliance if you have any other company appliance we cannot help you there for don’t even bother  to call us.

 we carry in our service vehicle   replacement parts for Sub zero  and  our technical staff is specialist working on subzero only.

 if you look for Sub-zero  specialist we are the right company to carry the task.

 what is important  in a subzero refrigerator  if you like to keep it  for many year  and we assume  you are  like to keep it  is routine  maintenance.

 where the maintenance is so important   from our experience 95  percent of the problem related to subzero  repairs start with for maintenance  simple   think like  vacuum the  condenser  can add  20 years  of life  to your  subzero refrigerator  and save you  on electricity as well .

 when the condenser  is  full of dust    your subzero refrigerator   is not working  the way  it’s supposed to work   is constantly   running  because it cannot reach  the demand temperature  and the frame  is very hot  you can tell  by touching  the frame  of the refrigerator that your condenser is  dirty  we as a technician   touch the frame of the refrigerator and can  diagnosed the problem just by touching your subzero  the temperature of the frame is very hot

 we nj sub zero repair number one  subzero company   in Deal NJ  for a long time   and we have over 6000  satisfied customer in our database we provide the longest warranty between one year to 3 years on parts and labor to manufacture sub zero  only  provide  one year warranty on the  parts  we so confident that our repair is  going to last  therefore  we extend the warranty for additional 2 years   this apply  for certain repair all repair our subject to one year warranty parts and labor as default  also we repair your subzero with OEM  original equipment manufacture parts   in most cases were  its possible.

 we work on an old subzero some of them  over 40  years old  and be proud  of our achieving to repair this unit we also offer complete rebuild to any subzero appliance

 on a rebuilding restoration  we replace all the internal parts  of the refrigerator  including compressor tubing  fan motor  and  gaskets and Seals system    we inspect and replace wiring that need to be  upgrade also we replace  cosmetic parts  like a door  panels  and ventilation grill on top of the unit from outside the  Sub Zero refrigerator would look like new.

 if you have indication like  service  in the display  between the 2 numbers or  if you get error message  EC 05 or EC 06. Cause: EC 05: Refrigerator repeatedly read erratic temperatures. … Core Issues: Error code appears on display, either EC 05 or EC 06  or EC 40 and Service Flashing on control panel; Error code: EC 50 Call us right away we can diagnose your subzero and have it running  perfect  in no time.

Sub Zero Repair  Deal NJ 732 961 6544

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