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NJ Sub Zero ice maker problem

NJ Sub Zero ice maker problem

NJ Sub Zero ice maker

NJ Sub Zero ice maker problem

Sub zero ice maker receives water through a small, 1/4-inch water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe,
where it is connected by a wall or under the sink valve. The water supply line enters a valve in the refrigerator that is controlled by an 110 volt electric solenoid that sends water through a fill tube into a mechanized ice maker assembly. There, the water freezes and is dumped into an ice bin. When the bin is full, the ice lifts a bail wire that turns off the unit.
The unit in sub zero model 611 sub zero 600 Serious Located in a freezer section in a subzero you have to remove the bottom drawer to get to the icemaker
Sub zero common problems that occur with an ice maker are a failure to make ice, a failure to stop making ice, and the unit freezing up altogether. We offer instructions on how to troubleshoot your ice maker and how to make ice maker repairs if one of these problems occurs, beginning with the most common.

Diagnosed icemaker in sub zero can be done by a technician or authorized repair person most of the 600 serious subzero and later models including sub zero 700tc 700tvi controlled by computer or plc program logic controller.
The unit located in different places in old sub zero 700tc it is inside the freezer chamber in subzero 700tc with dual compressor the location of the computer controller is in the top refrigerator unit .

Subzero parts can be expensive so missed agnostic of the problem can result in unnecessary spending can be substantial.
Therefore subzero diagnostic must be done with the right tools and the right person.

nj  subzero is independent company our technician have years of experience repairing subzero for models 211 that can be find in old Harrison Ford movie Air Force One from the 60s to a new model most of the call we get have to do with the sub zero refrigerator not making ice .
Way to explain to our customer that the problem not necessary in the icemaker machine and can be a result of insufficient water or electrical problem since the subzero icemaker rely on water and electricity problem with the water supply can cause the ice maker not to work or produce ice.
In some cases we experience insufficient water supply that’s usually follow with discoloration of the ice cube.
Most of the sub zero in Manhattan connected to the building via quarter ¼ inch copper tubing Copper if water not moving very often can get oxidation that results in a green dust in the water and look like blue or green ice cube
That usually the 1st sign of the supply line getting restricted

What they can do to help what I recommend is to dump the icemaker production the ice cube every 2 days for 2 weeks or until the cube look healthy not green or foggy.

Also it’s always help to install sub zero icemaker water filter in old model like the sub zero model 611 sub zero model 695 and sub zero 700 tc that icemaker can be install in a water connection valve traditionally under the kitchen sink.

I hope this sub zero tips is helpful


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