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Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

Sub zero repair  Marlboro New Jersey we provide  prompt  subzero service and repair.

 Since 1997 the company concentrating on one brand Sub Zero  only  the reason why we concentrate on one brand is because we like to give you quick service.

 In one refrigerator  you have hundred of  parts  in order to provide quick service we must have the  effective   part in the truck in order to complete the repair on the spot .

Sub Zero  company have more than 70 different products over the year we service most of them it is impossible to carry all the parts in a truck and perform the service we carry the most common parts  in a truck.

 We establish the parts  network to get you specific product that we don’t carry in one day so the most  your refrigerator will be down is one  day.

Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ  is part of the  affordable services company  we provide service in Manhattan Philadelphia and New Jersey if we don’t have  what you need we can get it from nearby market very quickly.

 Most people neglected to maintain the subzero refrigerator simply  vacuum the condenser coil is a simple job that easy to do and very effective most of the problem in the subzero appliance generate by poor maintenance and can be limited by  routine maintenance.

 is up to you the customer to do it or you can hire us to perform at Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ  we provide service contract that it eliminates you to take care of your clients we schedule  routine maintenance   and we call you prior to your  subzero maintenance day to schedule service appointments.

 If you like the doit yourself we can give you instructions here to how to do it.

1  the condenser coil in  most subzero  model 500 and 600  series  such as sub zero 632  sub zero 611 sub zero sub zero 692 and sub zero 550 sub zero  model 511 and 590  the ventilation grill located on the  top part of the  unit it is  very easy to move  and excess the  condenser  coil .

 make sure you turn the power off

  In a 600 model  usually came  with  screws that attach  the ventilation grill to the frame  sometime you have 2 screws  something you have 3  the  is dependent on a model the side-by-side model also screws   in a freezer compartment  therefore look carefully.

Now that you remove the screws get the  grill  tilted forward  and look for  spring   hook attach to the  grill in the back.

 Get the vacuum cleaner   and look for attachment that look like an angled brush.

Okay now your ready to go  on the left side  you can see panel that  prevent you getting in to the compressor  area  if this panel is missing  do not fiddle around on the left side there is pipe and electrical wire that can be danger that’s why originally that area is covered.

 the condenser coil on a subzero refrigerator is always located on the right side of the opening and  it’s accessible to the  homeowner to getting it your vacuum cleaner brush  make sure you turn the vacuum cleaner on  go  from the back of the coil   using the motion up and  down to  the vacuum the coil.

 this is another subzero maintenance tips

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Sub Zero Repair Marlboro NJ

 call us if you have any question 732 961 6544