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Q: Maria of Upper East Side New Jersey “I am  getting  message vacuum condenser  – what to do”?

A:  You need to read your instruction manual and  find out how to clean the condensing coil

If this does not help – the call Sub Zero specialties  732-961-6544 to schedule a service call for your appliance.

After vacuuming the coil, see video demonstration for the process (some model are different), if the alert is still showing, call for service.

Q: James in  New Jersey  “I am getting ice on the back panel what can be the problem also the temperature is too  low in  the refrigerator section – it  shows vacuum condenser warning”

A: For some reason the system is designed to show “vacuum condenser” every time you have a problem.

In  newer model, you can put the appliance into the computer diagnostic mode and trace the problem. If you get ice on the back panel, in the left corner, behind the vegetable bin, it is usually an indication that you have a leak somewhere in the seal system.  Most likely your evaporator is the problem.  Call our Sub Zero specialties  732-961-6544 and schedule a service call.

Q: Eddie on Park Avenue New Jersey  “My subs zero refrigerator is not making ice. What should I do?”

A: In order to make ice you need water and cooling. If you freezer temperature is stable, the problem may be that you  are not getting water into the ice maker or the ice maker is not functioning properly. Sometime the problem can be the switch or  if something is pushing on the switches (like the ice tray). Make sure you switch on the ice (new model should show the word ice on the LCD display) and clear any trays that are touching the switches. If this does not solve the issue, call for service.

Q: Robert of Park Avenue West “My refrigerator is  14 years old should I repair it or by new one if it is not working properly?”

A: Your refrigerator is a baby in comparison. Most Sub Zero refrigerators that we service and repair are over 25 years old. Your Sub Zero refrigerator or freezer can be rebuilt or repaired for a fraction of the replacement cost. Almost every part can be replaced, you can have the gasket shelf and the front panel replaced, and an older Sub Zero refrigerator will look like new. Most of the mechanical parts can also be replaced. By repairing your existing Sub Zero appliance you save money and you do not have the inconvenience of the replacement disrupting your life. You can keep your existing Sub Zero for decades with proper service and maintenance.

Q: David of New Jersey “I have subzero 700 TC  I am getting  vacuum condenser message also EC code what should I do?”

A: On a Sub Zero 700 model  the condenser coil is on the bottom so you have  to remove the bottom freezer drawer in order to get to the panel. You must remove the panel 4 screws and follow the coil cleaning procedure  (see the video for an example) If cleaning the coil does not clear the alert, call New Jersey Sub Zero specialties for a service call to diagnose the problem.

Q: John of the Upper East Side “Where is my model number and serial number  I have sub zero 700 TC?”

A. Sub Zero 700 TC has 2 freezer drawers, you must pull out the top drawer and look in the upper left corner for the Sub Zero Tag. The Sub Zero model and serial number start with an alphabetic letter. All the model and serial number information is on this tag.